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Your partners in carbon measurement, reporting and management

Companies face increasing pressure from investors, governments and consumers to act on climate change. Sangti helps companies meet these expectations and leverage climate action as a strategic advantage, not just a compliance cost

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Decarbonization solutions

tailored to your business needs

Scope 1 & 2

Measure carbon footprint

across Scope 1 & 2 to enable accurate & timely reporting

Scope 3 

Measure Scope 3 carbon footprint 

to enable sustainability across a company's value-chain


Assess supplier's actual carbon footprint to facilitate sustainable procurement & reduce Scope 3 emissions

Scope 1 & 2 measurement

Scope 1 & 2 emissions measurement is a very critical first step

in a company's decarbonization journey.

We make the process streamlined and cost-efficient by setting up standardized systems and tools. In our approach, we:

  • Establish process and tools for data gathering

  • Gather data across functions and divisions

  • Present the data with analytical insights

  • Ensure documentation to support audits

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Scope 1 & 2
Reviewing Reports at Desk
Scope 3 measurement 

Majority of a company's carbon footprint comes from Scope 3 emissions. Thus, it is important to measure and manage Scope 3 carbon emissions.

We support companies in setting up and running Scope 3 emissions measurement across all 15 categories. We initiate the process by prioritizing top Scope 3 categories specific to a company and thereafter provide tools to measure and track emissions in those categories.

Scope 3
Supplier emissions

Supplier emissions, or Category 1 of Scope 3, are a major contributor to Scope 3 emissions for most sectors. It's important to evaluate suppliers on their carbon footprint and incorporate that into procurement strategy to reduce Scope 3 emissions. 

We support companies in setting up and running their supplier emissions management programs. In our approach, we:

  • Define scope of supplier assessments

  • Prioritize suppliers based on carbon footprint

  • Engage with suppliers to get actual emissions data

  • Develop strategies to reduce supplier emissions

Green Buildings
Supplier emissions


A platform for end-to-end

Carbon Management

We believe that companies need to act with urgency on climate change. However, we understand that they face several challenges in managing this transition. At Sangti, we aim to facilitate and accelerate this journey. We do so by reducing the time and costs it takes companies to measure, report and manage their carbon emissions.


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Hitesh Bhuraria

Bain | Schlumberger

MBA, INSEAD | B.E., Delhi College of Engineering

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Nishant Singh

Google | magicpin | 
NIT Alahabad


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